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At Mini of Reno, we're always adding new inventory while also offering plenty of certified pre-owned inventory to our vehicle lineup for Reno drivers. When it comes to vehicle maintenance, our knowledgeable technicians include parts from the manufacturer whenever possible, so you'll receive the highest level of care. We'd love to help you to keep your MINI in top condition with regular service.

Your MINI owner's manual contains a wealth of information about necessities like oil changes, tire care, and long-term service. With its high-performance engine, your MINI will benefit the most from regular oil changes that keep that oil refreshed and thus able to protect precision engine parts and improve efficiency at the highest level. As it ages, not only does oil pick up microscopic dirt that is abrasive, but it also takes on moisture which speeds up oil degradation. Regular maintenance avoids this, keeping your oil fresh and your engine from aging prematurely.

Tire maintenance is appropriate at any time of year. Seasonal changes can cause your tires to fluctuate in pressure or offer challenging driving conditions. Prepare ahead with tire-care solutions like rotations and switching from winter to summer treads. You'll not only be equal to weather conditions that come your way, but you'll also avoid wearing your tires out prematurely in specific wear patterns that can lead to flats.

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Other vital maintenance for your MINI can include regular inspections that look at your hoses, gaskets, and belts for signs of wear and brake inspections. If you're about to go on a road trip, it's an excellent idea to have these checked, as you don't want to worry about unexpected repairs during your trip. Your battery may also need an inspection if it's getting older to avoid it unexpectedly dying. Contact us to learn more about our parts center, new inventory, and CPO inventory as well.


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